Free Hardware – For Life

by Mike DiMeglio on October 31, 2014

What!  When was the last time you ever heard of something for Free, let alone Free for Life?  Especially without an asterisk and the associated small print that commits you to give away your first born or other significant asset.

We’re serious, since our inception in 1989, Unitrends has put delighting customers, customer loyalty and long term value at the very top of our priority list and this promotion is designed to do exactly that, serve our customers with delight and long term value.

Everyone in IT knows, hardware failure is one of the primary causes of disaster, outage and catastrophic failure, and of course it never happens at the best of times.  Always on the weekend or at 2 AM resulting in the dreaded phone call, dragging you out of your warm bed into the cold of night to fix the problem before you lose too much data, revenue or profitability.  As fans, disk drives, power supplies and other hardware components age, the probability of failure and outage goes up. Each component has its own Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), however, the more components in a single system the lower the overall MTBF for the total system, so don’t get caught with an aging system that is approaching a high probability of failure.

Combine the probability of hardware failure with the continued path of exponential capacity growth in compute and disk as predicted by Moore’s Law and this program starts to provide significant value for our customers.  A program designed to head off hardware failure as well as always assure customers keep pace with technology.  Designed to keep pace with technology, this hardware refresh will provide customers with all of the latest software functional improvements, reduce backup window times through increased performance, and provide up to 50% increase in storage capacity.

Don’t delay, this promotion only last until December 15th, head off hardware failure and keep pace with technology for life by acquiring a 3 or 5 year support contract today on a new Recovery Series replacement appliance, saving upwards of $100,000 – the price of the new Recovery Series hardware which is included at no cost. With every 3-year renewal, Unitrends will send along a new appliance assuring you that you’re always protected with the latest hardware, functionality and technology – never to face increased probability of hardware failure and technological obsolescence. Best of all guaranteed hardware refresh assures your data is always protected with the latest technology, can be quickly recovered and allows you the ability to sleep through the night. Now that’s what I call customer delight and long term value – How about You?

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Deep Virtual Protection for Microsoft Hyper-V

by Joe Noonan on November 21, 2014

This post is one in a series concerning release 8.0 for Recovery Series physical appliances and our UEB virtual appliance. The overview for this series may be found here.

Deep Virtual Protection is a term we’ve been using to simplify an important concept for virtualization administrators – not every VM and component of your virtual environment is the same.

Some VMs are more critical than others and need to be protected very frequently. Some do not require certain data to be protected at all. Some may have stricter performance SLAs than others.

As a result, you, the virtual admin, may have storage, protection and recovery strategies that require more than one way to handle the VM environment. This is where deep virtual protection comes into play. We know that the majority of VMs in a virtual environment should be protected at the hypervisor level. This allows for automatic discovery, simplified management and resource optimization of a given host. It also lends to some cool instant recovery techniques.

However, many of you have those one or two critical SQL Server databases that hiccup a little too much when a hypervisor snapshot is taken, which doesn’t make your users very happy. Maybe as a result of that impact you cannot back them up as frequently as you’d like. Otherwise, they may be configured using storage configurations for performance or high availability purposes that completely disable hypervisor level access.

This is where the ability to get deeper into the guest operating system and application levels of machines is critical. You can:

  • Be selective regarding what files, directories or application data you want to protect in order to save your company money on storage
  • Ensure that you’re meeting RPOs with critical databases
  • Avoid midnight calls from offices in other locations about performance issues during the hypervisor snapshot process

Specifically for Hyper-V administrators, Unitrends now provides the epitome of deep virtual protection. Let’s face it. There are other vendors out that there can protect hypervisors, guest VMs and applications (yet there are still some that can’t). What sets Unitrends apart is the ability to integrate deeply at all levels to provide the best recovery.

With Release 8.0 for Recovery Series and UEB appliances, we’ve added some key features that will help Hyper-V administrators achieve enterprise-level protection with unmatched TCO.

  • Instantly recover a full VM using the latest techniques that virtualization offers for hypervisor level protection and recovery –VM boot directly from a deduplicated, compressed backup (no manual steps to stand up operating systems in advance)
  • For guest-level protection, use Unitrends BridgeTM to failover quickly to a Hyper-V virtual machine – or even to vSphere or our Recovery Series appliance
  • Recover an entire physical Hyper-V host using Unified Bare Metal Recovery after a hardware failure
  • Ensure highly available VMs using shared VHDX configurations are protected
  • Simplify protection of VMs running on SMB3.0 shares with hypervisor level (agentless) support

So don’t worry about adapting your Hyper-V environment the way your backup vendor wants you to. Let Unitrends adapt to you to make your life easier.

…And we also protect physical machines too.


Unitrends Bridge(TM) for Hyper-V

November 20, 2014

This post is one in a series concerning release 8.0 for Recovery Series physical appliances and our UEB virtual appliance. The overview for this series may be found here. Microsoft Hyper-V is growing and has been for a while now. As a result, the hypervisor powers much more critical data and applications than it used […]

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Protecting NAS Devices with NDMP

November 19, 2014

 This post is one in a series concerning release 8.0 for Recovery-Series physical appliances and our UEB virtual appliance. The overview for this series may be found here. We admit it. NDMP is not a new technology. But it still has legs in the backup and recovery world, especially in larger enterprises. So we are […]

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Unitrends – Sticking to the Facts

November 18, 2014

In today’s competitive backup and recovery market, many vendors are so driven by a “whatever it takes” attitude to achieve revenue and profitability that they make bold misrepresentations about a competitor’s functionality. When a vendor makes bold misrepresentation, they have the potential of losing customer trust and focus on delighting and satisfying customers. While continuing […]

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Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise BackupTM Release 8.0

November 18, 2014

Today, we announced a new major release – v8.0 – for all Unitrends enterprise-class physical and virtual appliances.  Enterprise IT and Hyper-V administrators will absolutely want to read further, but don’t worry vSphere users.  We have some additional functionality right around the corner for you too. Read the full release notes here. NDMP NAS Protection […]

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Serious VMware Change Block Tracking (CBT) bug (2090639) – Unitrends stands resilient

November 6, 2014

 Unitrends backup appliances (Recovery-series physical appliances, Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) and Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB) virtual appliances) are NOT impacted by the VMware CBT bug.   Now that your heart is not racing, let’s dive a little deeper. Recently VMware released a knowledge base article, that potentially has significant impact on any product relying on […]

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The Symantec Saga Continues – Integration Gone Wrong

October 28, 2014

Almost a year ago I wrote a blog post, “In Defense of Farmers,” after Symantec posted poor performance and then CEO Steve Bennett explained the reason for the gloomy guidance was, you guessed it, poor sales execution. In my blog, I wrote, “… in my mind, it guarantees that Symantec’s downward spiral is just beginning.” Now […]

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Symantec Will Stop Selling Backup Exec 3600 (BE3600) – Free Hardware to Help

October 15, 2014

On Friday, Symantec announced that the Backup Exec 3600 (BE3600) backup appliance would be discontinued – Symantec will quit selling it on January 5, 2015. More information can be found here. Symantec Backup Exec customers have seen a number of challenges over the last few years.  Backup Exec 2012 (BE2012) wasn’t greeted warmly by customers, the […]

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Unitrends, Backup, and the Best Customers and Customer-Focused Team in the World

October 9, 2014

Received this note from Kevin H. – a long-time customer of Unitrends across several employers – it was so awesome I immediately asked Kevin if I could post it and he graciously agreed.  Collins and Danny work in pre-sales engineering and sales, respectively. From: Kevin H Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2014 8:20 AM To: Mark Campbell Cc: Collins […]

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